I’m so full of emotion

It’s so hard to say goodbye

But I am moving into the distance

I got no more tears to cry


I’ve heard you said it’s over baby

To the world but not to me

You disappeared without a trace not maybe

Nothing left, not a thing to see


And it hurts

But I’m done with the pain

And I will never be the same

Again, again


Yes it hurts

But it is for the best

Time to go and leave the past to rest

My friend, my friend


So goodbye…

I hope the future’s kind to you

Goodbye, goodbye

So goodbye…

Good luck where you are going to

Goodbye, goodbye


There is a space where you once were

I’ll admit that much is true

But something better’s coming my way

And it’s nothing to do with you


You say that I meant nothing to you

Well it’s funny how people change

When it was me you called in your darkest hour

And me you needed again


And it hurts

But I’m done with the pain

And I will never be the same

Again, again


Yes it hurts

But it is for the best

Time to go and leave the past to rest

My friend, my friend


So goodbye

I hope the future’s kind to you

Goodbye, goodbye

So goodbye

Good luck where you are going to

Goodbye, goodbye.


A brand new day is born
The sun has now arisen
Who knows what’s to come
In this perception prism

Light refracted this way and that
People intermingling through it
Riffing off each other as they go
Their inner worlds reacting to it

Nature the observer to it all
Quietly poised in the ground
Tranquil and noble it stands tall
And doesn’t make a sound

The bustling city alive with noise
Money to be made
How I yearn to leave it all behind
And return to my sacred place

The Positive

Crushing disappointment
When people let you down
At the eleventh hour
And no one else is around

What else can you do but sit with it
And try not to take it to heart
Turn your mind to something else
Channel it into art

Accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Find something good and go with it
Try not to fall apart

Everyone has their issues in life
Circumstances change, troubles and strife
Keep in your centre, don’t deviate
Fingers crossed things will turn out great


The present currently a mirror
Reflecting shades of myself back at me

The light of my mind a flicker with insight
Illumination highlighting the different aspects of my soul laid bare for all to see

The moonlight glistening on the water
Rippling pictures fade in and out
A movie of notions and thoughts playing out from within the depths of my psyche

Obliterating past patterns of behaviour hopefully to be replaced in the future with a more conscious wave of being

The shedding of a skin
The raw exposure of a new layer acclimatising to this new found perception

Healing afoot yet still fragile and shaken from the initial impact of the light piercing and shattering the glacial pyramid I was incased in

Dangling from the silver thread of a spider’s web swinging through space and time surrounded by sparkling stars

Suspended for now enjoying the spectacular view across the horizon


The One

I don’t believe I’ll find ‘the one’
For I believe he exists in me
The capacity to be alone
Is the way to set yourself free

Love is within you
Pure and abundant –
Tap into the force

And co-dependency
Will be redundant
And nothing will you have lost

Loving yourself will make you whole
Bringing you happiness
That doesn’t hinge on someone else’s whims
The form that is the best

Then should a ‘special someone’ come
You won’t find it such a challenge
For they’ll serve to complement you as oppose to ‘complete’ you
And you’ll never lose your balance


Fragile flower being blown by the wind
To and fro, to and fro

Petals ruffling in the breeze –
Will they stay or will they go?

Slender stem swaying this way and that
Yet tightly gripped by the ground

Hold on tight – the storm can’t last
The sun will soon come out

Droplets of rain cascade thick and fast
But it cleanses you as it flows

Into the earth to nourish your roots
So that you can continue to grow

Harnessing Anger

Yesterday I was angry
The rage burned deep within
White hot searing heat
Permeating every limb

The flames did lick my tightened chest
Threatening to consume
Suppressing it was difficult
Not something I could do

So I harnessed it through writing
And constructed a cage of words
A little spark did still escape
But I feel it was deserved

And now the anger has passed
Damage limitation was a success
Emotions are natural thus hard to control
We can regulate them at best

This Place

This place where you are going

I have never been

But I believe that you’ll go on

In a different reality


I believe in the afterlife

And in angels and in heaven

I believe you’ll find true love

I believe you will always be present


The spirit  never dies

The soul is everlasting

The body is a skin

You simply will be shedding


And when you close your eyes

And finally go to sleep

You’ll wake up in a dream

Where you will be at peace


Ecstasy will envelop you

You’ll melt into such bliss

And rise above it all

And feel your father’s kiss


And we’re not far away

Just the other side of the door

You can visit any time

Even if we can’t see you any more


Your daughters will know you are there

Because you’ll live inside their hearts

And the memories they’ll treasure

Will see them through the dark


You’ll always be remembered

There’s eternal life in that

You’ve made a tremendous impact

That simply is a fact


I love you to a million pieces

And wanted to say this to you

For I believe that something infinite

And profound is waiting for you



Rejection is subjective
Though it hurts and that’s the truth
How you deal with it depends
On how you feel about you

If you love yourself more
The sooner you’ll bounce back
If you lack self worth
Try to work on that

Build yourself up
So that if you are affected
The wound won’t cut so deep
Should you ever be rejected

Know it happens to us all
At one time or another
So softly, softly go
With your sisters and your brothers

One day it could be you
Doing the rejecting
So be as kind as you can
For the recipient deserves protecting

They are human too
We’re all in the same boat
A little consideration for each other
Will keep us all afloat