Apocalyptic Episode

Been struck by lightening
Blown apart
Exposed myself
In the form of art

Like the falling tower
I couldn’t make it stop
I didn’t see it coming
It’s like a bomb has dropped

I’m sitting in the rubble
Examining the ruins
I’m wondering if the fallout
Could be my undoing

But something deep inside
Is telling me to wait
Something is unfolding
To do with my own fate

The explosion was the key
To breaking free of chains
The death of my old self
The recycling of the remains

The birth of something new
The dawn of a new era
A time to speak the truth
And live without fear

A time to atone
Forgive and then to let go
A time to heal myself
And maybe feel sorrow

But also a time to rejoice
In all that is good
And a time to be thankful
For those that showed me love

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