Diamond In The Rough

Been crawling through the gutter
Caked in mud
Looking for that diamond
In the rough
Staring at the stars
Couldn’t climb the ladder
Kept on sliding down
Had to try harder

Helping hands at times
Slapped me in the face
A dog eat dog world
A dangerous rat race
But I’m still in the running
And I’m not giving up
I’m a tough mother
With a fire in my gut

Do you believe in God?
In a higher power?
The jury is all out
But in my darkest hour
I saw a blinding light
And came out of my body
I walked out of the wreckage
Without a scratch on me

I was on a ride
Was it heaven? Was it hell?
Was it just my mind?
Failing me as well?
When nothing seems real
And you want to know the truth
Who do you believe?
Who can give you proof?

Humans can be flawed
The system is all fucked
Saviours come and go
But some run out of luck
The truth is often silenced
Through fear of retribution
Can’t stomach all these lies
It affects my constitution

Who wrote it anyway?
Why should it adapt?
Maybe I feel sick
Cause I was fed such crap
Maybe if the sustenance
Was pure and came from love
The toxins in my system
Couldn’t me corrupt

My filter would be clear
My body would be nourished
My mind would stand a chance
My troubled soul would flourish
Then maybe I could live
A life of pure bliss
And peace would be on earth
Instead of a fantasy in the abyss.

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