The River of Life

The river of life keeps a-flowing
The dickheads of life, coming and going
We victims have no way of knowing
Why these dweebs gravitate towards us as they’re sowing

We attract them like magnets, like moths to a flame
They love us, then piss off, leaving us wondering whose to blame
And we, wounded souls, will never be the same
Whilst they jump on to the next and start sowing again

I wish the river of life would drown the little shits
Who’ve broken our hearts and left us in bits
As they move on, get married, sprout kids
We pick up the pieces, have therapy, get pissed

I’ll never understand why these bastards get on
Whilst their broken exes limp, searching in vain for the one
Why they morph into respectable, family-minded gents
Whilst their exes get bitter and moan and resent

We have to believe they weren’t meant for us
They treated us like dirt, made us cry, made us cuss
And we were too nice to be shackled to such toads
Our princes will come, they’re just lost in the post!

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