Sitting Ducks

Oh, fuck a duck
I love that bloody expression
For all of us are sitting like one
Though we do a good impression

Of being in control
Keeping calm and carrying on
When the reality of it is
A bullet could at any time come

And knock us off our perch
Scattering feathers everywhere
Upsetting the apple cart
Having us tearing out our hair

If we’re lucky enough, that is
To survive the initial blast
It’s like playing Russian Roulette
Every day could be our last

So party like it’s the end of the world
Love that boy, love that girl
Sod that job if it’s making you blue
Eat that cake, have those shoes

Take that holiday
Buy that car
Live it up
Act like a star

For all of us are A-listers
Action heroes dodging bullets
Life is a flaming mine field
So grab it by the gullet

Use your time wisely
It’s limited after all
Make every second count
For even the great ones fall

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