Fook me, I’m so ravenous
I actually could die
Hangry am I as hell
In desperate need of pie

Craving me some stodge
And all things well unhealthy
Man-food’s calling out my name
Stand back or please, God help me!

Contemplating Chinese
Or maybe fish n chips
Got to be mahoosive
And greasy and delish

Special Fried Rice perhaps
With chips and curry sauce
Harking back to my childhood
We loved it then, of course

Might seem a little odd
Now I’ve defected south
But back then in The Boro
It brought water to the mouth

Actually, a Parmo
Right now would be amazing
With chips and garlic sauce –
Christ, I’m salivating!

Chips becoming a theme
Reoccurring at this time
Chips with everything
Or just chips would actually be fine

Cause I’m famished now, you see
And it’s driving me bloody nuts
So off the bus I go
In search of all the goods

I’ll see you a little bit later
When I’m feeling satisfied
Having binged me on some junk
And all things lush and fried.

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