Battle of the Sexes

Double standards
Unspoken rules
Too quick to judge
The bloody fools

Perilous waters
Not for the faint-hearted
Keep your wits about you
You might be outsmarted

Fuelled by alcohol
The social norm
Though it blurs your judgement
And loosens your tongue

Suddenly your guard
Has massively been let down
You find yourself surrendering
Animal instinct wears the crown

So you succumb
To the pleasures of the flesh
It’s what you need right now
Nothing more andΒ nothing less

But when the dust settles
The inevitable verdict will be passed
The female of the species
Should have kept her legs crossed

It’s a man’s world after all
They call all the shots
And them’s the rules, you stupid girl
Thus this battle you have lost

Enjoy yourself?
How very dare you!
You spoiled the game
Now he can’t bear you

A modern woman
Who pleases herself
Can’t be trusted
Especially if she has wealth

It rattles them, you see
If she can survive alone
Ignites their insecurity
Their masculinity suffers a blow

So off they scurry
In search of shelter
And the fairytale princess
Who yearns for her saviour

These Amazonian ‘abominations’
For such as he are all too much
His ego cannot withstand the force
Of a woman full of lust

Worldly and strong
Independent and wise
Intimidating to the mice of men
Something of a nasty surprise

Well, it sure as hell aint my problem
If you can’t handle this
Off you go, you little frog
You clearly won’t transform with a kiss

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