Weird 24 hours
Pendulum-like emotions
Westminster attack
A warped display of ‘devotion’

Londoners carry on
Shaken but not stirred
Hearts go out to the victims
And the heroes who’ve now been heard

It ain’t the first time
We’ve been hit
Certainly won’t be the last

But we’ll stand tall
Rise above this
Then file it away in the past

Onwards and upwards
For troupers we are
We choose to live here
We’ll deal with the scars

You can’t keep us down
We mean to live free
And that’s what we’ll do

We’ll go about our business
The same as before
We won’t live in fear
Or cower behind locked doors

I remember 7/7
Like it was yesterday
I still take the tube
Come what may

You didn’t beat us then
You certainly won’t now
You’re in a minority
You can’t take us down


A sudden flush of terror
Heart beats ten to the dozen
Palpitations and cold sweats
Rigid, almost wooden

Suddenly it’s panic stations
The power to think is lost
You feel the need to flee
Run away, but at what cost?

Stressed and scared, your stomach flips
Brain races, you feel sick
Where did it all go wrong, you cry?
How did you miss a trick?

The anxious mind is purgatory
And what’s more there’s no escape
Cloaked in horror it weighs you down
You wear it like a cape

You need to chill
To calm your head
Be anywhere but here

But how to escape
Your own sick thoughts
When crippled all over by fear?

Hit the bottle?
Have a fag?
Do anything to block it out

You have to keep
A lid on it
But really you want to shout

“Help me, I can’t stand it!
Ease the pain I’m in,
Comfort me, I’m at breaking point
This battle I can’t win!”

Then all of a sudden
The wave has passed
You snap out of it
Just like that!

A gibbering wreck
You take a breath
And think:
‘I am such a t**t!’

You brush it off
Shake yourself down
Tell yourself that you’re fine

But deep down you know
It’ll come back someday
And catch you by surprise

Anxiety, anxiety
Be gone, leave me in peace
You’re twisting my sobriety
I want to be released

One day I will conquer you
Without the need for drugs
Holistically I’ll vanquish you
No trace you’ll leave, no smudge.

Come What May

Interesting day
Art imitates life
Saw a play
Identified with the strife

Made a judgement call
Which seems to have paid off
Plans are now afoot
Water flows again through my trough

Who knows what will happen
When they finally come to fruition
I’ll have to wait and see
‘Tis my act of contrition

When the May Pole swings
I shall know the score
Until then I’ll skip along
And think about it no more


When hope springs
Grab it with both hands
It will guide you forward
Help you realise your plans
It puts a skip in your step
Gives you motivation
It’s a driving force
Helping you reach your destination
When hope is lost
Find some more
If one closes
Open another door
Go with your gut
Listen to your intuition
Observe the signs
In your peripheral vision
Never lose hope
It’s a bottomless well
Just look for the source
Find the swell
Hope is all you need
To help you get by
It’s like a little beacon
Lighting up the sky!


Lazy weekend
Chatting to chums
Near and far
Sitting on my bum

Now off to a show
To meet another
And chin-wag some more
About life and lovers

It’s good to catch up
And reconnect
Doesn’t have to be everyday
But we never forget

The ties that bind us
Even though we’ve moved on
Lives in different places
But friendship still strong

Love them all
Wherever they are
Plans to meet again
Whether by ferry, train or car

Or just popping round the corner
To have a little drink
It’s good to have chums
Scattered around methinks

So thank you to all
I’m blessed to know
Love y’all to bits
You keep my wee heart aglow!


Weird and wonderful
Off the wall
Round peg
In a square hole

What to do
When you don’t fit in
Throw in the towel?
Start again?

Or stick it out
Develop a thick skin
Grin and bear it
Take it on the chin?

There’s always one
Who spoils the fun
Veiled barbed comments
But the damage is done

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Or rather a suit
Calls it ‘banter’
When putting in the boot

Seeks an audience
Braver after a beer
Can’t deal with alternatives
Finds them ‘queer’

His problem not mine
My motto is this:
Deal with it, dude
Live and let live.

The Now

Energy flows
Where attention goes
The mind like a laser 
Beaming out those
Thoughts into the atmosphere
Until they manifest
Whatever their vibration
Dictates what you get

Like invites like
The law of attraction
Plain and simple
A chemical reaction
If you want something good
To come your way
Condition your thoughts
Positive things to say

Be an observer
Listen to the chat
Inside your head
Call the negative back
Cancel it out
Before it’s in the post
Send out something beautiful
That you desire most

And it will come back
Tenfold to you
Imbuing your world
With a magical hue
Live in the Now
Forget about the past
Don’t stress the future
It may not come to pass

All that we have
Is THIS moment in time
Own it, live it
And tranquility you’ll find


The tide of grief
Like a wave comes and goes
It pulls at the heart strings
Causing tears to flow

We can’t predict when
This rain will fall
Anything could trigger
The opening of the dam’s walls

A passing memory
A fragrant scent
A similar face
Revisiting a place you both went

But the pain that we feel
When the showers come
Is born from the gift
Of having loved someone

And even though they’ve transitioned
To another plane
That love keeps us connected
Until we meet again

And that time will come
Of this I’m sure
When it’s our turn to pass
Through that same door

Until then let the angels
Lend you their wings
And cradle you from underneath
Forming a lifeboat that sings

To enable you to sail
Over the turbulent seas
And steer you on a course
To finding a semblance of peace






Russell Brand
You make me quiver
My heart beats fast
I shake and shiver

Ever since
I saw your face
In 2006
I’ve been displaced

From Big Brother’s Big Mouth
To You’ve Got Issues
To Brighton and Back
And London – all venues

I follow your story
For some strange reason
I really do care

Your spiritual journey
Political battles
Your ups and downs
You’re prances and prattles

You tickle me pink
You’re a dream to behold
A groupie I’ve become
I love you tenfold

And though you’re a dad
And your heart is now taken
You will never ever
By me be forsaken

My ‘evil’ twin
And idol to boot
I watch you from afar
And I salute

The man that you are
So perfect yet flawed
Prone to mishaps
That are never ignored

So similar to me
In so many ways
You never fail to bring
A huge smile to my face