Just Sayin…

Every situation
Has the potential to be a gift
Sometimes it’s apparent
Sometimes hidden in the mist

Every encounter you have
With another living being
Feeds your soul somehow
And it evolves, your spirit freeing

Actions, words, experience
Are opportunities for magnificence
And magnificently when your essence reacts
There’s a golden chance to learn from that

For all of us are students
Upon this earthly plane
And until we graduate
We’ll encounter pleasure and sometimes pain

A plethora of emotions
We sentient people feel
Sometimes they shake us to the core
We’re knocked off course, we reel

When that happens I crave expression
Or I know I’ll fall apart
I’m compelled to put it into verse
Some might call it art

It’s all subjective anyway
And I’m not saying this compulsion is right
But one thing’s for sure, hand onΒ heart
Writing actually saved my life.

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