Blessed Lunacy

Experiencing divine madness
My mind again is blown
Wide awake, sudden knowing
Intuition heightened, aglow

Employing words the catalyst
I’ve been playing them you see
Words are magical instruments
They unlock, they are a key

Composing music
Creating rhymes
Making some noise
The volume up high

Interpreting and decoding
Symbolism and signs
A flash of illumination
The veil thinner, no longer blind

Feeling charged, plugged in
To a higher power
The moon card now at play
Bewitched am I this hour

Colliding with a soulmate
Activated something inside
Catapulted me skywards
I got so freakin high

Heavenly was the experience
I’ve yet to come back down
I’m out of my body it seems
I left it there on the ground

I burst into song
Sing from my soul
Unable to stop
I have no control

Such good vibrations all around
I lap them up, feel alive
Whatever I’m on its natural
No need for cacao this time

Reconnected have I with my source
My heart chakra beats like a drum
Vibrations are raised, I’m lifted up
I’ve craved some of this for so long

We can’t always get we want
But we might find we get what we need
There’s a silver lining in every cloud
Blessings come in disguise, literally

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