Destination Bliss

I feel I’ve got my mojo back
Maybe found a calling
A new found sense of direction
On track at last not falling

Into the bleak abyss
Where life just has no meaning
I’m moving forward not stagnating
I’ve found something to believe in

A driving force
To who knows where
Destination irrelevant

It’s about the journey
The getting there
In case you missed my point

What a delight to reignite that spark
That was lost along the way
To regain that spring inside your step
And bounce from day to day

To rediscover that zest for life
That escaped you for a while
And find something to smile about
To see you through your trials

How good it feels right now
To breath and be alive
If I could bottle it I would sell it
So you could join me on this ride

Sharing is caring after all
And this is such a very good feeling
I hope that by expressing it
It’ll rub off on you, get you dreaming

For surely we all need dreams
And at times the courage to pursue them
We don’t want the knocks to snuff them out
Even if we never achieve them

Ascertain what you love to do
It’ll get your energy flowing
Find your passion and go with it
If you want to reap, keep sowing

Follow your bliss
And surely you’ll thrive
What better a way live

For life is for living
Isn’t it?
So do it and not a f**k give.

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