Avalon was calling
Beckoning me there
Thus I obeyed the summons
And visited somewhere

I thought I knew nothing of
Yet had an urge right now to see
I knew not why at the time
But once there it seemed meant to be

It all made perfect sense
A feeling of belonging
Something for which I’d been searching
A yearning and a longing

Magical things occurred
Like the angelic rhapsody
Resounding from the tor
How could it possibly be?

And filled through the crown was I
By a fluid warm and pure
Weighted to the ground
By the force at which it poured

An energy then cursed through me
Reverberating inside
Charged did I become
My soul alight, on fire

Why? What does it mean?
Was it imagined or was it real?
You may find it hard to believe
Indeed it was surreal

But one thing is for sure
I’ll make the pilgrimage again
When the time is right
When that message is sent

Back to my spiritual home
Where my heart and soul can be nourished
To be with the kin I encountered
To be nurtured and encouraged

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