Twisting The Melon

Subliminal, sublime
Toying with hidden meaning
Making up for lost time
Too long have I been sleeping

Once awakened from a slumber
You cannot help but see
Things as they really are –
But what is reality?

Isn’t it subjective?
Dependent upon your perception?
Mirrors are everywhere
Reflecting light from every direction

Some are blinded by the sight
Shrink from it back into the dark
They fear it like it is their kryptonite
If only they could open their hearts…

The Others reach out to embrace it
And bask there in its presence
At opposite ends of the spectrum
Yet interconnected, correlessence

If you can see what I see
Hear the message I’m giving
Perhaps it will set you free
From any unease in which you are living

Try it, open up your mind
Experience is there for the taking
I’m offering you a ride
Of you it could be the making




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