Russell Brand
You make me quiver
My heart beats fast
I shake and shiver

Ever since
I saw your face
In 2006
I’ve been displaced

From Big Brother’s Big Mouth
To You’ve Got Issues
To Brighton and Back
And London – all venues

I follow your story
For some strange reason
I really do care

Your spiritual journey
Political battles
Your ups and downs
You’re prances and prattles

You tickle me pink
You’re a dream to behold
A groupie I’ve become
I love you tenfold

And though you’re a dad
And your heart is now taken
You will never ever
By me be forsaken

My ‘evil’ twin
And idol to boot
I watch you from afar
And I salute

The man that you are
So perfect yet flawed
Prone to mishaps
That are never ignored

So similar to me
In so many ways
You never fail to bring
A huge smile to my face

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