The tide of grief
Like a wave comes and goes
It pulls at the heart strings
Causing tears to flow

We can’t predict when
This rain will fall
Anything could trigger
The opening of the dam’s walls

A passing memory
A fragrant scent
A similar face
Revisiting a place you both went

But the pain that we feel
When the showers come
Is born from the gift
Of having loved someone

And even though they’ve transitioned
To another plane
That love keeps us connected
Until we meet again

And that time will come
Of this I’m sure
When it’s our turn to pass
Through that same door

Until then let the angels
Lend you their wings
And cradle you from underneath
Forming a lifeboat that sings

To enable you to sail
Over the turbulent seas
And steer you on a course
To finding a semblance of peace





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