The Now

Energy flows
Where attention goes
The mind like a laser 
Beaming out those
Thoughts into the atmosphere
Until they manifest
Whatever their vibration
Dictates what you get

Like invites like
The law of attraction
Plain and simple
A chemical reaction
If you want something good
To come your way
Condition your thoughts
Positive things to say

Be an observer
Listen to the chat
Inside your head
Call the negative back
Cancel it out
Before it’s in the post
Send out something beautiful
That you desire most

And it will come back
Tenfold to you
Imbuing your world
With a magical hue
Live in the Now
Forget about the past
Don’t stress the future
It may not come to pass

All that we have
Is THIS moment in time
Own it, live it
And tranquility you’ll find

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