“They fuck you up
Your mam and dad”
According to the poem / book

Where the stalk
deposits you
Is random and pot luck

‘You cannot choose your family’
But some believe you do
Before you incarnate this life –
This may or may not be true

I know I’ve toiled with mine
But oft they’ve been my heroes
I’ve loved and loathed them at the same time
Awarding them tens or zeros

I’ve abandoned ship
Then crawled back in a heap
They’ve built me up
And made me weak

I’ve sometimes misunderstood
Or the roles have been reversed
I’ve been their referee at times
And seen them at their worst

They can drive me to distraction
But I know that they are there
I know I’m lucky to have them both
God help me when they’re elsewhere

Not being a parent myself
I can’t possibly relate
To the mantle they undertook
When they chose to procreate

But that they did
And here I am
A product of their union

We’re in this together
‘Til death do us part
Blood our substance of this fusion

And indebted to them am I
The only constant I’ve ever known
They’ve made me who I am
Respect here must be shown






White Flag

Women are from Venus
Men are from Mars
Men have penises
Women wear bras

How these two creatures
Are to live in harmony
Is something which thus far
Has completely baffled me

It seems a constant struggle
To keep each other happy
One misunderstands the other
And then they both feel crappy

But when you are hetro
You yearn for the opposite sex
Yet when you find someone
It becomes so utterly complex

Can’t live with them
Can’t live without
Being in love’s the best thing ever
Until there’s something to row about

Then all hell breaks loose
Emotions flying high
Men run for the hills
Women start to cry

They think it’s all over
And then perhaps it’s not
First they break up
Then give it another shot

A merry-go-round
Of blood, sweat and tears
When to throw in the towel?
When to reconcile not disappear?

What’s the magic formula?
To getting this crazy little thing right?
I’m tired of it all
I surrender, I won’t fight.