Some people are better off together
But we’re better off apart
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you
But you’re always breaking my heart

You refuse to let me in
Only briefly, but it never lasts
You close yourself to me
For you can’t escape your past

I’m in awe of you as you know
But you’re hurting and this you can’t hide
So your numb yourself every day
To ignore what’s really inside

You run away from yourself
For you hate who you really are
But this pain therein needs to heal
For your beauty lies in your scars

You need to love yourself
Or you’ll sicken and eventually die
I’ve tried to make you better
But you’re draining me all the time

You need to give something back
As I’m weakening every day
I can’t sustain the two of us
If all you do is take

If I’m to stay
You need to change
And meet me at least half way

We must say goodbye
For as things are I cannot stay.

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