When To Quit…

The actress that time forgot

‘Resting’ prolifically

Gathering rot

The craft that began to rust

As she waited in the shadows

Accumulating dust

The spotlight that eluded her so 

After clinging tightly to her dreams

She had to let them go

The opportunities that didn’t knock

But passed her by

With the ticking of the clock

The fire in her belly that wouldn’t subside

Though nothing of note

Did materialise

The watching of others’ success

As she pondered upon

Her own lack in distress

The waning of that ambition

Abandoned hope

 Zero auditions

The conclusion it was time to quit

Try another avenue

Get over it

But this girl wasn’t finished yet

She’d find her forte

Live without regret

For where there’s a will there’s a way

And when the sun rises

There’s always another day.

Time On Their Hands

The calm after the storm

The waters have stilled

Time for reflection

Time to be filled
Too much time for some

Weighing heavily on their hands

A novel thing but unwelcome

As they wish they had more plans

Time together

Dramatic and fraught

Sped by, yes,

But them it overwrought 

Yet they yearn for this time

As separated they are bereft

Unable to live apart

Unable thus to rest

The solution elusive

The outcome unknown

What to do for the best?

Best leave them alone.


Back In The Flow

Excitement bubbling deep within
A plan finally coming together 
Sounds that have been dormant 

Bubbling to the surface

Breaking through the storms I’ve weathered
No longer shall I be silenced

I have rhythms to create

And words to put to music

For it’s never too late
The wheels are in motion

Dreams to be realised

Awakening from their slumber

And aspirations revitalised
Each day I take steps

To bring them to life

Dates in the diary

Ideas rife
Excitement building

A swelling tide 

Bursting at the seems

I’m braced for the ride
A waterfall 

Cascading down

The heavens having opened 

Ideas abound
The cosmic flow

Depositing opportunities at my door

I grasp them all

I am blocked no more.

Vicious Circle

The barbed cycle of abuse

Spins and turns

The perpetrator roams free

No lessons learnt

Constantly escaping

The scales of justice

Fiercely holding its victim

In its angry clutches 

Caught in its web

Of control and manipulation

Bound by a billion threads

Powerless under its jurisdiction 

Unable to think


The persecuted victim

Destroyed psychologically 

No immunity to fight

The toxic onslaughts

Be they physical, emotional

Or their own Stockholm-syndrome like thoughts

Effectively caged and imprisonned

From systematic debasement

Lacking the self-belief

To fully escape the situation

The abuser in denial

Anything untoward took place

Adopting the ‘victim’ mentality

Now this spider has fallen from grace

Delusional to the hilt

The lies trip from its tongue

The threats pour forth in a torrent

Now it’s victim has tried to run

But the victim begins to falter

The road ahead unclear

Soiled and slippery from the oil slick

The abuser upon it did smear

Sliding backwards 

Into the pit of despair

The victim weakens

Descending there

The arms outstretched

To save this poor mite

Not quite strong enough

To wrench the victim out of its plight

Thus the cycle

Engages once more

Spinning and turning

Just as before.

Tug Of ‘Love’ 

The tug of ‘love’

Or rather tug of war

Under the thumb

His temper flares

He sees the red mist

She disobeyed 

He clenches his fists

In a white hot rage 

She argues back

He tries to silence

But he’ll never admit 

He’s prone to violence

‘She winds him up’

Or so he says 

‘She’s mentally ill’

‘He’s the one who’s sane’

She’s out the door

He yells in the street

In fast pursuit

As she tries to flee

But his claws are embedded

Deep in her psyche

Ingrained for decades

And she just can’t fight it

‘He didn’t do it’

‘She made it up’

So on it goes 

This tug of ‘love’

He won’t confess

Even to himself

Thus it continues

As he refuses help

Thus like a yo-yo

He yanks her back in

And spins her his lies 

Until she’s bound up in string

There’s no escape

Alas, it seems

A fight to death?

Is that the key?

The cavalry has been

Time and time again

But time and time again

Neither will relent

Embroiled in this saga 

For all to see

Until one of them succumbs 

To their own mortality.


Is the end nigh?
I fear for you

I grieve 

I cry
I worry you’re going to leave

And how I’m going to cope

You’re pallor is grey, you’re weary

And why I do not know
I wish I could make you better

But I don’t know where to start

I love you more than you know

You’re embedded in my heart 
You’ve been here my whole life

I’ve never known a world without you

If this is it then give me strength 

To be there and see you through
Watching you suffer this way

Tears me totally apart

I go for I can’t bear to stay

And watch you drift, depart
On tenterhooks we wait

For the outcome of your tests

I gave you the only gift I could

The return of the one you love best
Hoping together

You’ll find a way

To face what’s in store 

And celebrate
The time you have left

For I fear it is little

Thus it is precious

Though weak and brittle
Make the most of it, please

Put your weapons down

Call a truce

The time is now.


Weighed down by the heavy cloak of depression

And his tormented brain

He searched for the answers in a bottle 

He reached the bottom and sank even deeper into the pit
Senses intoxicated

Clearly not on his right mind 

He fumbled around in the medicine cabinet

Seeking the ultimate way out
The pills were calling out to him

“We can free you”

So he swallowed the lot, washed down with yet more liquor


The chemicals began to dance through his veins

Releasing their deadly poison

He was overcome 

Unconsciousness set in

Contorted and convulsing he buckled and slumped to the floor
She found him this time

Like the time before

Out cold, black mucus running out of his mouth

His ‘guardian angel’

She dialled 999
20 years later

And history repeats itself

This time he phones her to confess

The cycle resumes

Frantic calls to the authorities

Interminable waiting

Can he be brought back from the brink?
Yet again he is saved

But not cured

A ticking bomb free to wreak havoc

Upon his blood ties

Unharnessed rage and anger

Eluding the ‘system’ once more
A life saved

But a life sentence imposed on his ‘loved’ ones

When will it ever end?!