Tug Of ‘Love’ 

The tug of ‘love’

Or rather tug of war

Under the thumb

His temper flares

He sees the red mist

She disobeyed 

He clenches his fists

In a white hot rage 

She argues back

He tries to silence

But he’ll never admit 

He’s prone to violence

‘She winds him up’

Or so he says 

‘She’s mentally ill’

‘He’s the one who’s sane’

She’s out the door

He yells in the street

In fast pursuit

As she tries to flee

But his claws are embedded

Deep in her psyche

Ingrained for decades

And she just can’t fight it

‘He didn’t do it’

‘She made it up’

So on it goes 

This tug of ‘love’

He won’t confess

Even to himself

Thus it continues

As he refuses help

Thus like a yo-yo

He yanks her back in

And spins her his lies 

Until she’s bound up in string

There’s no escape

Alas, it seems

A fight to death?

Is that the key?

The cavalry has been

Time and time again

But time and time again

Neither will relent

Embroiled in this saga 

For all to see

Until one of them succumbs 

To their own mortality.

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