Fallen from grace

What have I become?

An unfamiliar place

I stay though I should run


From the girl I was before

Utter loss of innocence 

A worldlier aura takes the floor

I know when it began 

Not so long ago

When fate dealt me a hand

And I couldn’t take the blow 


Since then I’ve just been floundering

Trying to climb up slippery walls

Reassembling the broken pieces

Into some semblance of what I was

I’ll never be the same

The cracks may never heal

Though they’re firm and held together

By something stronger than steel

Yes the ‘vase’ has been restored

But remains intrinsically changed

For once you’ve hit rock bottom

Some residue remains

It seeps into your very core

Polluting what was pure

And no amount of cleansing

Can purge so you’re as before

You lose a piece of your soul

Something innate is torn

Thus ultimately a shadow appears

A scar where you weathered a storm

It changes you in the end

Where you were once carefree

Your aching heart does harden

Into rock where bleeding veins should be

Jaded though not bitter

A faint weariness in the subliminal

You wear a painted smile

Though underneath you succumb to cynical


And thus you act in accordance

With what you feel inside

And adopt associated behaviours

Attracting others who vibrate in kind

This new persona I’ve become

So different from the other one

Is yet another incarnation on this plane

Until I don my chrysalis once again.

Marigolds Woes

You fill the bowl

To wash the pots

You make sure the water

Is scorching hot

Plenty of fairy

To cut through the gunge

Then into the deep

Do your marigolds plunge

But in a split second

You cry out in pain

A blood curdling scream

There’s a fucking hole in them again!

Your fingers are singed

You jump up and down

Wrestling with the rubber

Dragging it down

Over your arms

As fast as you can

Revealing the blisters

All over your hands

How on earth

Did these marigolds go

And foil me again

By acquiring a hole?

They’re bloody brand new

Only worn them once!

Yet somehow they’re torn

And my digits are toast

Why does this happen?

Is there no God?

Invent some fucking rubber

Immune to the prod

Of a mystery hole punch

That wins every time

Incinerating my poor fingers

As I try to remove grime!

Surely there’s an answer

An invention that isn’t shit?

Maybe I should purchase

A puncture repair kit 🤔

Shelling Out

Shellac looks real pretty
It’s also tough and gritty

But when it’s chipped and shitty

You have to again dive into your kitty

Which is a pity
You can’t just whip it off

For that varnish is bloody tough

It’s made of very strong stuff

And a chisel ain’t enough

Which is rough
It requires professional help

Heavy duty acid to make it melt

Then they scrape it off which is hell

Every chunk when it’s peeled can be felt

Which makes you yelp
So you pay them to put it on

And you wear it a while which is fun

But when you’re finally done

You must pay again to make it gone

Which is a con
So enough of shellac have I had

For the expense is driving me mad

Never again will I succumb to this fad

Unless a lottery win do I have

Which is sad
It’s a waste of tinfoil after all

To have your mitts so adorned

You could almost plug them into a wall 

And power the entire street dusk til dawn

Which could cause a fireball
Then you’d be totally fried

And have no need for shellac which once tried

Is so addictive it bleeds your bank dry

Until you wake up and see the light

Which is right
Traditional nail polish is best

Though the fumes do play hell with your chest

And it don’t last as long as the rest

But at least it’s not much to invest

Which is the test

So I’m sodding the shellac

Giving gels the sack

To basics I’m going back

Using the old laq

Which is cheaper, albeit crap
That is that.

People Police

Double standards


One rule for them

Another for thee
Tongues dripping with lies

The fangs are almost out

Better watch your back

Or you’ll be pulling swords, no doubt
Under surveillance 

The ever watchful eye

Monitoring your every move

To see if you comply
Rules to be obeyed

Judgements in the ether

You have to respect their laws

Or expect a sermon from their preacher
Live and let live

Doesn’t apply

You’ll be reprimanded 

Though you may not understand why
If they disagree with your actions

And the way you prioritise

Because it jars with them

And you eventually they despise 
So be careful what you say

And how much you divulge

For it may be held against you

And all favour you had annulled 
For familiarity 

breeds contempt

Sad but true

I lament
Best to put

Some space between

You and that ‘force’

That notices everything
Take some distance

Step right back

Shield yourself 

From unwarranted attacks
I guarantee

It’s for the best

Extract yourself 

From the vipers’ nest.

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is amazing

It stretches when you blow

You can wrap it miles around your tongue

And inflate that stuff like dough 
Especially Hubba Bubba

The stretchiest of them all

Blow that mutha f***er

And you can have a ball!
But remember it’s only membrane

Though tough it has its limits

It’ll only stretch so far

Til it splits and covers you in it
Stretchy things aren’t infinite

Even they can be spread too thin

So careful with that stuff

Or it’ll burst and splat, done in.
The same applies to people

They can only bend so far

Before they inevitably snap

Broken, clean in half.
We only have one pair of hands

And helpful as one can be

If everyone wants a piece of you

It becomes an impossibility
To fulfil their needs 

And still meet your own

You end up depleted

Clapped out, on the floor
So you must set boundaries

Look after yourself

Learn to say ‘no’

Think of your health
When it all gets too much

That’s a red flag right there

So take a step back

Regroup and take care
For if you’re burnt out

You’re no good to anyone

So repeat after me:

‘I’m not a piece of bubblegum’.

The Road

Catapulted into the world
My journey began

A life unfurled
The road ahead was long

I embarked on a path

I’m not sure I planned to be on
I managed to somehow crawl

Began to walk

Sometimes I’d fall
I’d have to get back up

My legs were unsteady

To stand was tough
But I got there in the end

Skills for the future

Had I learned
Obstacles come and go

Hump back bridges

Jar the flow
The potholes can catch me out


Sometimes I cry out
Sometimes it’s plain sailing

I bound along

Without complaining
Sometimes I have a hand to hold

To keep me company

And contemplate growing old
Sometimes I go it alone

The littlest hobo

Needing no one 
Other times I yearn for a friend

But ultimately

We negotiate the bends
And twists and turns by ourselves

For it’s a solo trip

That cannot be shelved.


Monotonous Mercury Rising

Unrelenting heat
Persists for protracted days

Outstaying it’s welcome now

Oppressive the lack of shade
Nowhere to escape and hide

From the blinding rays

Sweaty, sleepless nights

Wandering around in a daze
Fatiguing soaring temperatures

Sap vitality

Lounging is all I feel capable of

Low output, productivity
The air so densely humid

Almost another layer to bear

I yearn for the intermittent breeze

To cool and caress my hair
Gooey tarmac

Scorched white grass

Prickly to sit on

It scratches my a**e
Too sweltering now to bask

And obtain a golden glow

Instead I dodge the searing fingers

That singe me as they stroke
From dawn til dark and into the night

The temperature persistently high

I toss and turn and beg for mercy

But it continues until it’s light
Oh pretty please would you kindly

Turn it down a notch

It’s boring now, really

To be so burning hot
Bring on the rain

To cleanse us all

Extinguish the furnace

Rehydrate, let it fall!
Drench my skin

Until I’m soaking wet

Bring about rebirth

I entreat, nay, I beg!