The theatre beckons

A stage of a kind

Though anaesthetised 

I’m the ‘star’ if you like

With morphine dancing

Through my veins

I’ll be oblivious, hopefully 

To the pain

Under the knife 

Spark out cold

I’ll put my faith in God

That I make it home

Only six months ago

Was I in this scenario 

Never expected an encore 

And to have to undergo

This experience again

Let alone so soon

Can’t I please abstain?

Be spared the surgeon’s tool?

‘Nay’, said he, 

‘It must come out!’

‘We mustn’t waste time!’

‘Mustn’t dither about!’

So when tomorrow comes

On a gurney will I be

In tight, white spandex tights,

A backless gown and asleep

I won’t deny I’m scared

I’m bricking it in actual fact

I recall it’s like facing the gallows

You fear you’re not coming back

Yet needs must I suppose

So I’ll try hard to man up

That said, if you are inclined

Say a wee prayer and wish me luck?! 🍀

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