‘Tis The Season

December descends

Advent begins 

Tinsel is hung

Jingle bells ring

Small children dream

Of Santa Claus

Big children party 

Wine is poured

The days shorter now

Dark winter nights

Trees are decorated

Adorned with lights

Gifts are wrapped

Cards are sent 

Rich food is eaten

Much money is spent

Somewhere in the mayhem

The real message is hidden

Frankie touched upon it

When The Power Of Love was written 

It captures the true essence

Of what it means to me

A sentiment that can be lost

In the consumerism and frivolity

A time to turn within

To reconnect with source

A time to process the waning year

Release it without remorse

A time to make amends

And turn over a new, blank page 

And prepare to write the next chapter

A time to begin again.

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