The Beacon

The Beacon

Today I am struggling

But this too shall pass

Today I am low

Ill tempered, alas

Today I have sunk

And reached a plateau

But the only way is up

No further down shall I go

Yet today I connected

With a familiar voice

Put a face to the kind words

That had given me solace

And this lifted me

Out of myself

It gave me hope

Like casting a spell

A beacon in the darkness

Thus everything seems less bleak

A source of strength

When I was feeling weak

The Invisible Assassin

And the lockdown was rolled out

Like an incoming tsunami’s tide

Incremental waves of restriction

Engulfed our liberty in a sea of spies

Unprecedented surveillance

Even civilians named and shamed

As society gradually fractured

Whilst it’s very foundations did shake

The invisible assassin

Unleashed knew no bounds

Airborne and ultimately deadly

Like wildfire it spread around

The people were petrified

Into desperate submission

They cried out to the powers that be

And demanded a solution

To be protected

By the state

Thus a totalitarian system

Was being put in place

Global house arrest

The unprecedented measure taken

Forced to segregate

They dwelt in self-isolation

For how long

Could not be said

But this was preferable

If it protected them from death

And so they obeyed

And did as instructed

Barely challenging

Announcements from the ‘pulpit’

At this time of uncertainty

Others kept heightened emotions in check

Entreated their loved ones to inhale the light

And though anxious be circumspect

“Let go of fear but be vigilant

Human rights are being eroded

Let us not get complacent

About laws which to democracy are corrosive

Question everything

And as and when this has passed

Demand again that these draconian rules

Are completely and utterly rolled back”

For the invisible assassin

May indeed advance far and wide

But the implications for our future freedom

Need to be temporary and justified.

“Soft, Strong, Here’s Hoping The Sheeple Ain’t Wrong”

Television stations

Need to get with the programme

Now that we’re rationing

And heading for lockdown

Pardon the pun

But they’re so passé

The cheffy shows

Are completely out of date

Ready Steady Cook

Come Dine With Me

Using ingredients

That I haven’t seen

For nearly a week

In any of the shops

But I’m salivating and yearning

As I helplessly watch

For all I’ve got to play with

Is a packet of cream crackers

A strip of barbecue spare ribs

And some sun-dried tomatoes

A few digestives

And soft Brussels Sprouts

Instant noodles

Until I can next leave the house

And Lord knows when that’ll be

For my throat’s a little sore

And I’m about to paint

A red plague cross on my door

I’m quarantined

For the foreseeable

Fast running out of soap

Without any paracetamol

Been trying to stock up

But it’s impossible round here

Thus this is what happens

When people give in to fear

So I’m having to make do

With what I’ve actually got

And fortunately for me

Bog roll WAS in stock!!!

So I can wipe my arse

Until the cows come home

Which means I’ll survive Corona!

As we all KNOW that’s the antidote!

The Holy Grail!

The magic pill!

So who gives a fook?

If I’m getting physically ill?!

I’m invincible!

With Andrex by my side!

Though I’m bracing myself somewhat

For this white knuckle ride…🙏

The Falling Tower


Are out of stock

All fresh food gone

Because the ‘herd’ ran a-mock

Nothing left

But junk and sweets

Because some greedy f**kers

Only themselves thought to please

Bring back rationing!

At least make the game fair!

We all have to eat!

And can’t survive on fresh air!

Gluttony is one

Of the Seven Deadly Sins

Greed another

Yet the mayhem begins

How savage we become

As depicted in ‘Lord Of The Flies’

When the masses lose the plot

And society disintegrates before our eyes

And what of our government?

Suspending mortgages but not rent?

How is that equality?

What kind of message does that send?

Why are homeowners protected?

But the rest of us exposed?

Condemned to possible eviction?

If the economy implodes?

Do they want the poorer amongst us?

Out on the streets?

Begging for mercy?

‘Til we succumb to the disease?

Then consider the NHS staff

Fighting this war

Without adequate equipment

Or protective uniforms!

Working on the frontline

Tackling the virus

Then abandoned at home

If they become victims of the crisis

GP surgeries have closed

We’re told to dial 111

But the line’s permanently engaged

We can’t talk to anyone

So those who have symptoms

Quarantine in despair

Because no one will test them

To confirm/allay their worst fears

Forced to ride it out

Wondering whether they’ll pull through

Whilst politicians declare

20,000 deaths a GOOD result!

How is that GOOD?!

Do they mean to say that’s the TARGET?!

Are they AIMING for 20,000 PEOPLE

To actually cark it?

How callous a statement

So devoid of compassion

Fanning the flames of terror

When what is required is action

The lunatics are running

This veritable asylum

The sane seem to be in the minority

Amid all this pandemonium

I understand the desire

To evacuate into space

Flee a zillion light years away

From this God-forsaken place

That said I still have faith

That our serenity will be restored

And I’m down on my knees

Praying for everyone of us

For before the calm

Inevitably comes the storm

Cleansing and purging

Though the thunder roars

The rain may fall


But this could be the catalyst

That ultimately sets us free

As all that was hidden

Now comes to light

The stark reality

Of a world in plight

A ‘civilisation’ so sick

It will ultimately destroy itself

Toppling the few

Who currently hoard global wealth

Because this living nightmare

Is forcing the sleeping to wake up

The revolution is coming

The Falling Tower has been struck.

Fever Pitch

Panic stations all around

Bog roll’s flying off the shelves

Coronavirus is London bound

As en masse we sanitise ourselves

Lockdown could be coming

So grab your pasta and baked beans

Bulk buy as much grub as you can

Loot and ransack the likes of Sainsbury’s

Cause a riot

Jump the queue

It’s round the block

No waiting in line for you!

Stockpile everything

Then batten down the hatches

Binge on the paranoia

The media’s fuelling in massive batches

The world’s gone mad

A pandemic of insanity

As everyone starts self-isolating

Instead of roaming free

What to think?

Who to believe?

Is this real?

Or a conspiracy?!

Is it a bid?

To cull the population?

Is germ warfare at hand?

Or truly an accident of nature?

It’s hard to ascertain

Who the good guys are in this

Some say it’s a stunt to privatise

Our beloved NHS

Europe, we know,

Isn’t taking any chances

But brazen Blighty

Has yet to act to contain the advances

Of the virus

(If indeed it’s as bad as they say)

Which makes me wonder WTF

Is being kept from the public domain?

What does Boris know?

That the rest of the world does not?

Or does our government genuinely not care

If half of us pop our clogs?

I didn’t vote them in

Never trusted them anyway

And now I dislike them even more

For we’re sitting ducks here in the UK

But not to worry

If our liberty IS being revoked

As long as we can wipe our bums

We won’t care if we’re not in on the ‘joke’

For in all this hysteria

Those still ‘asleep’

Will listen to the hype

Until it’s too late to weep

Over the fact that the prophetic

Novel ‘1984’

Could soon be our reality

Now common sense is out the door.