You may not know where I’m coming from

You may not know where I’ve been

I may not be good at expressing myself

You may not always know what I mean

I’ll try to put into words

Exactly what I’m trying to convey

But if you struggle to understand me

Don’t jump to conclusions – just say!

Ask me for elucidation

To expand on the point I have made

And I will endeavour to illustrate

That thought which is inside my brain

I may illustrate this with pictures

Or perhaps I will sing you a song

You may have to peel back some layers

If so, please do it with compassion

I may do this with intonation

So pay attention to the tone of my voice

Sometimes I may not be able to verbalise

What I’m feeling but please realise

That I’m doing my very best

To communicate clearly to you all

If I flounder at times be patient

Especially if I should stall

For words have a plethora of meanings

And contexts they can be placed in

If we misunderstand each other at times

Issues may arise herein

So listen with ears wide open

Never assume you know

Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking

You may just spoil their flow

This is the way we should interact

To formulate a strong foundation

For not everything is always crystal clear

Sometimes we require clarification.



Loving life in lockdown

Living in my bubble

Listening to my favourite music

Shielded from life’s struggles

Writing to my heart’s content

Strumming my guitar

The outside world seems miles away

I’m looking at the stars

Long may it continue

Who needs reality?

When in my little dreamworld

I feel completely free

Time to get creative

Time to get things done

Time now for myself

Banging my own drum

Dancing to my own tune

Productivity maximised

Creating a new future

Reaching for the skies

Ready for new horizons

When this thing is over

Off to pastures new

Without stress upon my shoulders

A new cycle is beginning

The old one playing out

My future’s in safe hands

Of that I’m in no doubt.

To My Fallen Fellows

No one’s judging you

We know you’re not weak

You’re just suffering from

A terrible disease

We just love you

We all care

We want to help you

We want to be there

To bring you back

From the brink

None of us want

Your ship to sink

You are beautiful

You are kind

So vivacious

When your spirit shines

You are needed

We miss you so

Know that we are here for you

Know you’re not alone

Please pick up the phone

Please reply to our texts

Please open up the door

We just want to protect

You from your demons

You were doing so well

But this situation

We know is a living hell

Please reach out

Make a call

To any of us

We’ll catch you before you fall

Don’t give up

Stop while you still can

We entreat you to be courageous

And accept our outstretched hands!

Divine Timing

Timing is everything

It’s important to get it right

But sometimes we have no control

Over what happens in our lives

When I was taking some time

Things spiralled out of control

A series of events

Sparked something to unfold

Which ultimately set me free

A blessing in disguise

And now the dust has settled

I see with clearer eyes

It had to happen this way

For it was taken out of my hands

I didn’t need to act

For God did have a plan

And now I have what I wished for

I can move forward with my life

For He is in control

And no more shall there be strife

And His timing is always

Perfect without a doubt

He knows what He is doing

So don’t question the ins and outs

Just trust that all is well

When He is at the helm

And then sit back and relax

And be at peace within your realm.


The calm after the storm

What is rightfully mine returned

Peace of mind restored

Necessary bridges burned

The threat to my security

Dealt with by the law

Fraudulent activity

Finally is no more

The burden has been lifted

That had weighed me down so

Free at last from anguish

An opportunity now for growth

I thank my Higher Power

For whispering in my ear

Illuminating my path

When I was crippled with fear

I thank the Universe

For breaking me out of ‘jail’

For I had done my time

And justice has prevailed

I thank the Fellowship

For curing me of my disease

For steering me through the storm

When I was on my knees

God does certainly work

In mysterious ways

And He will clear all obstacles

With His amazing grace

Courage can sometimes fail you

Anxiety can eat you up

But if you have Faith inside you

You will never be stuck.

Breaking Away

When being with someone

Makes you feel more alone

It’s obvious something’s wrong

And the connection is gone

When someone doesn’t value your presence

Whilst you are physically there

It’s hard to take but you must make that break

And leave because they clearly don’t care

You are worthy of their undivided attention

It should really be a given

There’s no point in wasting your precious time

It may be hard but it’s the right decision

So cut your losses and walk away

Go where you’re wanted and welcome

Cut the tie that causes pain

Do it for self-preservation

Don’t be a glutton for punishment

Caught in a vicious circle

It’s madness to expect a different outcome

And will only lead to torture infernal

Don’t be made to feel invisible

Rise up, step into your power

Don’t allow your voice to be ignored

Stand tall and as proud as a tower

Don’t ever be taken for granted

Or driven to the end of your tether

Be fearless and seek pastures new

Knowing that you deserve better.

Easter 202 – Live From The Attic!

The Easter Bunny
Came to town
But unfortunately
It was during lockdown

And all of the inmates
Were stuck in their cells
And couldn’t do an egg hunt
Unless it was by themselves

But that wasn’t much fun
As you can probably guess
So some of them sulked
And frowned in protest

They wanted to gather
With family and chums
Play together
Laugh and have fun

Instead of being isolated
And home alone
But this wasn’t allowed
So they made do with the phone

Even Jesus
Had to postpone
His second coming
As he was forbidden to leave his tomb

So he sat by himself
Waiting it out
Crucified again
With a mask over his mouth

The inmates did know
It wouldn’t last forever
And they looked forward to the time
They again could be together

But until that day came
They would have to make do
With raiding the fridge
Or joining a massive queue

Outside the shops
And then going for a jog
Two metres apart
Around the block

The effort they put in
To stay indoors
Wouldn’t be forgotten
Even if they were bored

Sitting on their arses
Was making history
And all part of the fight
Against COVID-19.

Suds Law

Oh, what a bloody palaver

At Crouch End Boots today

When a jobsworth got in a lather

And actually turned me away

For daring to try to buy

What she deemed contraband

Refusing to let me purchase

My all time favourite brand

Of L’Oreal Elvive

Colour Protect Shampoo

Because she told me it was NON-ESSENTIAL

Even though I’d queued

For almost HALF AN HOUR

After trying Superdrug first

But it was out of stock there

So to Boots did I revert

Since when was washing your hair

A flaming luxury?

Isn’t a scrub with shampoo?

Vital to keep it clean?

I’ll be utterly damned

If I’m going to be seen

With a barnet full of lard –

It’s basic human hygiene!

I don’t want to invite

A swarm of nasty fleas

To take up residence upon my head

Because it’s swimming in grease

And I’m pretty sure a virus

Could also potentially lurk

Amongst any filthy curls

You prize, Gestapo-esque berk!

I walked away in disgust

But I was boiling with rage

To have had my time wasted so

And to be sans mop-cleaner was a disgrace!

I decided to call the store

And speak to the manageress

Who totally got my plight

And understood my intense distress

She told me it was absurd

That her assistant was talking bollocks

She invited me to go back

A red rag to this shopaholic!

So vindicated off I trotted

To claim what was rightfully mine

Eager to once again have

Hair that gleamed and shined

The Gestapo was still on the door

And clearly under duress

She was lamenting to a customer

That she was experiencing rudeness

Well, I thought, that’s karma

What goes around does come around

What you give out do you get back

Engage your brain before you open your mouth!

I got my goods in the end

Though I was accused of pushing in

And ranted at by a lone old lady

But I took it on the chin

The important thing was that

I’d made a valid point

Consistency and common sense

Was lacking at this joint

Shampoo IS an essential item

And shouldn’t require a permit

We’ve a right to wash our hair

Because we’re bloody worth it!


Waiting for that call to come

Was like waiting for lockdown to end

As the minutes ticked by and I sat by the phone

I wondered if we were still friends

You only said might

And I took it for granted

It was a glimmer of light

And the seed was planted

But the call didn’t come

And I cannot complain

You didn’t make a promise

No need for you to explain

I’ll just have to lower

My expectations

We’re not on the same page

I’m not experiencing vexation

I was simply looking forward

After a long, lonely day

To having a conversation

And seeing your face

But you might be tired

Need time alone

I know that you’re troubled

I’m not having a moan

I’ll just have to distance

Myself a bit

I don’t want to jump

Into a sinking ship

I offered you a lifeline

And that is all

That you didn’t need to take it

Isn’t your fault

It’s tough being isolated

When the world is closed

All I ask, especially now,

Is that you don’t raise my hopes.


During this pandemic

I’m stockpiling hugs

And when it’s all over

I’m pulling the plug

And unleashing the lot

On all I hold dear

Those far and wide

I yearn to be near

My heart is brimming

Full of hugs

For those that I care about

And Jesus it’s tough

But they won’t go to waste

They’re just getting stronger

I’ve got so many to give

I can wait a little longer

So I’m hoarding those hugs

And making a list

Of everyone upon whom

I’m going to inflict

The hug of the millennium

So that these people know

How much I genuinely care

And how much I’ve missed them so

I don’t care if I hug them

Within an inch of their lives

I’m going to hug them so hard

They never have to think twice

About how much they mean

To little old me

And how much it hurts

When them I can’t see

Physical human contact

When forbidden is craved

We shouldn’t take it for granted

Ever again

To shake someone’s hand

Or give them a kiss

Is a priceless privilege

A precious gift

We all need cuddles

To keep us alive

A pair of comforting arms around us

From time to time

And that time will come


So I’m stockpiling hugs

Until I can set them all free.