What Goes Around…

Completely and utterly boxed in

Rage and resentment building

Putting up with untold s**te

Currently no exit in sight

Since the lockdown began

Someone has blood on their hands

Because I am spitting it daily

As a result of some c**t(s) trying to play me

You actually couldn’t make it up

But I’m no f**king sitting duck

I won’t take this lying down

Don’t underestimate me – I’m nobody’s clown

Serenity was granted

When I couldn’t change what was planted

But when I could, courage was given

And the wisdom to know the difference

What I’ve also been given is time

And a very inquisitive mind

And I will nail you to the floor

For bringing all this crap to my door

If you think I give a s**t

About having to spend a few quid

To replace what I suspect you stole

You never knew me at all

You think you’re so superior

But really you’re deranged, inferior

You throw your weight around

Patronise, look down

Upon everyone

What the f**k are you on?!

Your time will come

Karma is also a c**t

So you have your fun

Keep digging, crack on!

‘Cause that hole’s getting deeper

Here comes the Grim Reaper…


Now out of the madness

I see the light

So many poorly souls

Trapped in perpetual night

I sympathise

To a point

They’re sickening

Unbalanced, out of joint

But when it impacts me

In a detrimental fashion

I shall not tolerate

Their onslaughts without action

I shall not suffer

At their hands

I shall withdraw

And focus on my own plans

I shall take the necessary measures

To keep my aura clear

Protect my castle and myself

Should toxicity draw near

Clowns to the left of me

Jokers to the right

I may be stuck in the middle

But the road out of adversity is in sight

Too long have I endured this

For I was afraid to stand tall

Now with divinity back in my life

I rise from the ashes, I shall not fall

Right is right

Wrong is wrong

I’m out of the darkness

Feeling strong

The remnants may linger

Of the purple haze

But no longer do I wander

Around in a daze

I’ve separated the wheat

From the chaff

Now sweeping away the debris

I clear my future path

Those who would push me

Off this course

Sent to Coventry

No more will I engage in discourse

Those who would stand with me

Enhance my life

Are welcome here

To walk by my side.

Lockdown Lethargy

Lockdown lethargy

Is setting in

Tired of getting up

Just to stay in

All leisure facilities

Still flaming closed

Can’t stay overnight

And it’s making me morose

Desperate to travel

To far flung places

Visit friends and family

And distant open spaces

Tired of Ally Pally

And even Hampstead Heath

Want to spread my wings

That I can’t gives me grief

When will it end?

It’s been months and still counting

Every day interminably long

Anticipation of freedom mounting

Cancelled holidays

Estranged from those I love

It wasn’t so bad at first

But now it’s getting tough

I rate my own company

But I’m bored of myself

Adore my attic flat

But I’m sick of that as well

Now a gilded cage

For a bird with clipped wings

I know I’m not the only one

Feeling these things

But I can only speak

For I, myself and me

I’m very much the butterfly

Yearning to break free

From my Covid Chrysalis

For I’ve ran out of things to do

And I’m climbing the walls

Silly but it’s true

Zoom meetings are alright

But they’re not face to face

This virtual existence

Cannot possibly replace

Actual physical contact

And visiting different locations

I’m desperate to get out of Dodge

And have a proper vacation!

It’s more important to gather

Be reunited and celebrate

Than reopening the economy

To appease the bloody state

They actually should declare

A national holiday

So people can make up for precious time

Lost due to this outbreak

Not pack everyone back off to work

And children back to school

After everything we’ve been through

It’s the least they could do

Maybe I’m a dreamer

But wouldn’t that be nice?

This banning of physical contact

Contradicts the essence of life.

Single White Female





Let go of me

It’s over

Consign it to

The past!

You’re clinging on

For dear life

Disturbing me

Giving me sleepless nights

You’ve gone too far

Brought this on yourself

You’re acting like

You need professional help

I’ve told you twice

I need space

To back off

I’m taking a break

But you persist

Disrespecting me

Riding roughshod over boundaries

It’s sinister – can’t you see?

Direct and indirect

Contact I don’t want

You already broke into my flat

But me do you still hunt


My distant friends

Digging for information

STOP – it has to end!

This behaviour

I won’t tolerate

I’m not your possession

Just go away!

I don’t want you in

My life anymore

I’ve tried to be kind

But now I’m royally sore

You’re not taking the hint

‘Oblivious’ to what you’ve done

No self-awareness

Still at me do you come

What you’re doing

Is obsessive

I don’t like violence

But it’s making me aggressive

Well I’ve had enough

I’m done with being nice

It’s out of my hands now

Perhaps next time you’ll think twice.