This Heart

This Heart

Intact is this heart

Though it did smart

It leaked but did not bleed

When swept out to sea

By the pull of the tide

Almost was it capsized

Until the mighty ocean

Somehow realised

What moved it

Did then soothe it

And ease the sting

Drew it back with gentle words

A peace offering

Words that seemed to sense

That it’s salt had stung

Thus a healing balm was sent

And it was overcome

Cascading warmly

Transmitted through the ether

Restoring it’s serenity

And hope for the future

Not the rose-tinted one

It may have desired

(This heart must now drift carefully

For water can extinguish fire!)

But a continuation at least

Of something fertile and sweet

A blessing in disguise?

Something wonderful that could be?

And so the current flows…

Back and forth…

It is still afloat

And these elements are back on course…

The watery abyss

And this delicate vessel

In harmony for now…

In tune do they nestle…

And a symphony of bliss

Permeates this being

That is content to bask awhile

And not question this feeling

The tide may change

This boat may come aground

Dashed against the rocks

Or sunk without a sound

But this heart does know

It will certainly go on

There are a myriad of waters

It could set sail upon.

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